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Up and down and back up again! Current price volatility in the European gas markets offers great opportunities for physical gas portfolios. Take your existing gas transport capacity. Anything but a sunk cost, with the Route4Gas App you can further monetise your gas flows and booked capacities using its “Existing Flow “and “Unused Capacity” products.

Let’s take the example of the Existing Flow (EF). A company has bought some capacity a long time ago and logged in the profit by selling the spread. The gas is flowing from Hub A to Hub B. Suddenly, the price changes. Hub B becomes cheaper then Hub A. How can the owner of the existing flow take advantage now of the price change? The answer is simple: Use our Route4Gas App and enter an EF enquiry! A matched EF enquiry means, the owner capacity buys back the spread instead of transporting the gas from Hub A to Hub B. He receives the spread value AND saves on top of this extra profit his variable transportation fees.

If you want to learn more, please contact our sales team!

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