TPF is an Electronic Money Institution providing innovative and reliable financial services to its customers and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations. TPF is a trading name of Global Star Finance Ltd, a company licensed by the FCA of the United Kingdom.
We offer personalised financial solutions to answer the specific needs of each customer, enabling them to take control of their finances. Our purpose is to bring greater flexibility, simplicity and security to the payment market.
Our institution relies on a very high performance technology and robust digital platforms that provide a range of financial services, including fast and secure payments, remittances, foreign exchange, and a lot more. Platforms are accessible from anywhere, at any time, and the team of experts continuously explore new technologies and business models to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions.
TPF's model is based on transparency, accountability, and social responsibility. We want to become your trusted everyday partner.


Dina Rudaka

Dina Rudaka joins TPF as CEO to bring her necessary strategic vision to bear on tomorrow's challenges: accelerating product cycles, building customer loyalty, accelerating new technologies, changing regulations, implementing new growth strategies...

Dina places the finance function at the heart of the company.

Dina Rudaka is an accomplished CFO specializing in payment solutions. To cope with the growing complexity of her business, Dina has established herself as a versatile and innovative manager, while maintaining her role as a number’s cruncher. In addition to her traditional financial missions, Dina stands out for her global vision, transversal and collaborative of the company.

"My ambition is to make TPF one of the very first Electronic Money Institutions"

Dina is skilled in acquiring financial licenses in various jurisdictions, establishing, and managing relationships with card associations and regulators, and managing investor relations for equity financing transactions.

Dina has a proven track record in leading a company from start-up to expansion as Chairman of the Board and CFO.

As a member of the board of directors of various companies, Dina has been involved in strategic decision-making for the company, adding value by providing insight through the development of revenue projection models.

Dina's experience in managing commercial negotiations and concluding key agreements with partners and suppliers has always been based on cost-benefit analysis and the company's strategic vision.

Joan Roger Beaufort

Founder and Chairman of La Royale Investments Group, Joan Beaufort is a French entrepreneur born in Alsace in 1988. He is also the founder of JRB Capital Overseas, a holding company based in Singapore. A technology enthusiast, he has founded several companies in the financial IT systems, marketing, connected real estate, payment, and gaming sectors. 

The Lancaster Investments holding company, renamed La Royale Investments in 2023, operates in three sectors: gaming with La Royale Gaming Investment, fintech with La Royale Fintech Investments and real estate with La Royale Properties Investments.

Joan Beaufort's ambition is to share his expertise in digital transformation and innovation, and to develop inventive, disruptive, and secure projects in strategic sectors.

TPF is the brand name of a modern, innovative, and totally secure EMI owned by Global Star Finance which holds an FCA license in the UK.  Joan Beaufort is proud to have obtained this first banking license, which led to the creation of TPF, and is working on new licenses in Canada and Australia.

With 15 years' experience abroad and a keen understanding of international digital issues, Joan Beaufort describes himself as a true "web nomad". Moreover, he invests in his hometown of Molsheim (Bas-Rhin, France), where he rehabilitates buildings and creates local businesses.

Joan Beaufort is a graduate of Oxford University (UK) and holds an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia).

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Global Star Finance is an E-Money Institution not a bank and regulated by FCA (902043).  Client money is safeguarded through client safeguarding account and FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) compensation does not apply to the E-Money account holders.